Ruffled Mind, Restless Pillow

The Waitlist Blues

Today I got waitlisted for UC San Diego, my top choice. I’m really confused on how I should feel about this and as weird as it sounds, this hurts more than my rejection to Davis. Yes, there are probably thousands of people who received an email that said, “We’re sorry but you just aren’t a good fit for our school right now” but I was fortunate enough to have been told, “Sorry, we can’t take you right now, but we want you and if a space opens up you’re in.” It’s a small victory but I don’t feel like a winner. It definitely feels as if the UC system is playing with my emotions because for 4 months all I have waited for is a definitive ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer but instead they’re giving me a ‘hold on just a minute.’

At the same time, I’m being given a second chance. I wasn’t first choice but I still beat plenty of others and I’m still in the game. I still get to compete. I’m currently typing up my wait list essay now and will submit it tomorrow. Even though these next seven weeks are gonna feel like limbo, I’m going to be as patient and as optimistic as I can.

Just have to think happy thoughts, right?

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