Ruffled Mind, Restless Pillow

10 days

I’ve been seriously neglecting my blog. Lately it’s been erratic- no personal posts, some reblogs, followed by periods of nothing. I’ve avoided this thing ever since what happened between D and I in July. Still hard to talk or even think about. Anyway, here’s a quick update:

1) Two weeks ago I had a job interview for an on-campus job and I got it on the spot! I’ll be working in Brandywine Commons. Granted, it’s not the ideal job I wanted but I get a free meal with every shift and a $60 discount on my rent for being a school employee. Plus, it’s flexible around my schedule and at this point I’m glad to be bringing any type of income so I can start paying off my loans now.

2) I turned in my two weeks notice last Monday even though I’ll technically be working longer than that. I’m very sentimental about leaving my first real job. St. John’s was the only place that gave me a chance and I’m so eternally grateful for that.

3) As I’m writing this there are 10 days lefts until I move to Irvine. 10 days at home. 10 days with family and the few friends I have here. 10 days before I leave everything I’ve ever known behind. 10 days of excitement and anxiety.

So I signed my apartment lease today…

So I signed my apartment lease today…


It’s done, over, finished and official…I got the apartment!!! Definitely the best early birthday present I could ever ask for!

After the house hunting disaster (and the unfair, non-intentional verbal abuse suffered on D’s part) on Monday I basically came home hopeless that I’d ever find a place for the year in such short time. Granted, I knew little about this apartment except that I met one of the roommates at my transfer advising session but I guess desperation will drive you to do things you normally wouldn’t. So worth it! See you soon, September 26th! 

Please don’t expect me to always be good and kind and loving. There are times when I will be cold and thoughtless and hard to understand

— Sylvia Plath